Our Mission
We’re a dedicated Service Oriented Company with a Mission to work till the extent where a better tomorrow is awarded to the the Society. We believe that the better future of the society is merely possible by the smart work that we do today. We serve our customers with the inventive works that helps to create a lofty society.
Our Vision
We're working with a vision to develop a leading business company that gives hope to the dreams of several Entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur who approaches us always finds a way the best to build his business to the next level. We're here to build, create, and identify strategies that make your dreams come to light with our creative potential.
About Us
Who We Are?
Ramana’s Trend, a Service Oriented Company, is functional since 2014, and dealing in the fields of Language Translation, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Copy Writing, Screenplay Writing, Novel Writing, Book Design & Printing, Subtitling, Transcription, Video Production, Video Editing, Business Branding, and Premium Business Cards.
When Ramanakumar, the Founder of Ramana’s Trend, was thinking about the path to travel with the society and make an entity and identify himself as a businessman, he got the idea to be a translator and later the idea enrooted as an entity which today developed and being a witness in front of you.
Several scenarios were there which was trial to Ramana’s Trend, but whenever Ramana’s Trend was in such scenarios, there was an upgrade and promotion to it. And beyond all such trials, today Ramana’s Trend stands tall and entered the 7th year of excellence.
Ramana’s Trend, the trending agency, had its inception from Language Translation in all Indian & Foreign Languages, and extended to Graphic Design, Video Editing, Video Production, Content Writing, Copy Writing, Screenplay & Novel Writing, Business Branding, Book Design & Printing, and Premium Business Cards. With its 7 long years of experience, Ramana’s Trend cordially invites the clients of all sectors to enter and get benefitted from its services of various categories. The presence of Ramana’s Trend in your personal and business life will workout wonders that you look for with amazing outputs.
What We Do?
Whatever your business goals are, the world is increasingly global, and we would like to make sure that your message gets heard in all languages across the globe. We can handle translation of any document you have, (E-books, Novels, Articles, ...
Screenplay & Novel Writing
Fitting a brand idea, a business service, or a foreign ad message within a few slides is more complicated than a simple stroke of a pen. And that is why, when it comes to scriptwriting, you need a specialist...
Content & Copy Writing
You've chosen the best, if you're looking for a copywriting service! Our professional copywriters will help you find yourself on the overcrowded web and bring your clients into motion...